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Sell "As Is" - MOLD

Have you recently noticed that your home has mold? If you are selling your home and haven’t already found out, most buyers will back out of buying a home at the very sight (or smell) of mold. Mold is bad in your house and can be even worse for your health. So why buy a home with mold when there are plenty of mold-free homes already on the market?

So what could you do now…resolve the issue and get rid of the mold? Well depending on the severity and type of mold, this can be a very involved and costly task if you are looking to have a professional do the job. Why not do it yourself? Two reasons:

  1. If not done correctly, you could put yourself at risk of legal action due to federal and state disclosure laws.
  2. Direct interaction with mold can pose serious risks to your health. It’s just not worth it!


We have a better option for you. When you sell your home to Right Side Realty, we make the process quick and easy. We will pay you cash for your home, mold and all! And the best part is, we won’t make you fix a thing. We will guide you step-by-step through the transaction. You won’t have to pay any commission fees or closing costs. Simply accept our fair cash offer and you can have the money in your pocket in as little as 7 days! Call Right Side Realty today or fill out the form below so we can help you out of your mold-infested home and into the home of your dreams.

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